Whether you are stopping in for your morning tea, enjoying a savoury lunch, or catching up with a friend over some high tea, we are proud to serve you high quality, fresh, and delicious menu items. We offer an extensive variety of premium loose leaf teas, fresh treats for your sweet tooth, delicious hot food, and much more.

Hot/cold drinks

tea and bloom teaPremium roast coffee: $2.25

Loose leaf tea:

16 oz: $2.85
Full pot: $5.53
Iced loose leaf tea 16 oz: $3.95
Latte (chai or green): $4.45
Flower tea (full pot): $5.97
Soft drinks/Bottled water $1.50
Mineral water $2.00
Hot chocolate: $2.85

Bubble tea

Green or black bubble tea: $4.75
Black tea/Coffee mix bubble tea: $4.75
Milky fresh fruit bubble tea: $5.95
  • Taro
  • Blueberry/Banana
  • Cinnamon Apple/Banana
  • Mango
  • Mix berries
  • Strawberry/Banana
  • Lychee
  • Watermelon (seasonal) 

Bubble flavours:

  • Tapioca pearl
  • Strawberry juice pearl
  • Mango juice pearl
  • Mix fruit coconut jelly
  • Green apple coconut jelly
  • Lychee coconut jelly
  • Mango coconut jelly


Bagel: $2.15
w/cream cheese: $2.95
Breakfast bagel $4.45
Toast: $1.75
Muffin: $2.95
Scone (two): $4.45
Served with Devonshire cream and jam

Hearty hot items

Chicken pot pie: $6.95
Beef pot pie: $6.95
Quiche: $6.95
Chili: $6.95
Wonton soup: $5.50
Bagel & Lox: 8.99
Ramen: $9.90

  • Chicken: $6.95
  • Prosciutto: $6.95
  • Tomato and basil: $6.50 

Daily Lunch Special: $9.95

High tea $21.00

Comes with a delicious selection of savory & sweet treats


Pastries: $2.95
Cake: $4.45

Famous Grandmother's butter tarts

pecan butter tart
Plain | Pecan | Raisin
Mini: $0.95/each, $4.50/half dozen, $7.50/dozen
Med: $1.75/each, $7.95/half dozen, $13.00/dozen
Large: $2.15/each, $9.95/half dozen, $16.00/dozen